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About Us 

Pibil Columbus has brought the invigorating flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine to the heart of the Buckeye state, infusing Ohioan's palates with specialty salsas, roasted meats and a memorable culinary experience.

Pibil is a Mayan word that means cooked underground. Cochinita Pibil is a traditional Mexican dish of the southern region. This entree is popular in the homes and restaurants of the Yucatan peninsula. It is a culinary technique that involves wrapping pork in banana leaves after marinating in axiote-a sweet, slightly peppery spice extracted from the red seeds of the tropical annatto shrub. The meat is then slow-roasted in an underground barbecue pit for several hours until it becomes tender and flaky, developing a subtle smoky flavor that is further enhanced with specialty salsas and enjoyed on a tostada, bun or soft corn tortilla.

Pibil Columbus delivers or gives you the option to cooking on-site, they let you experience the cooking technique of the Mayans. Utilizing a unique on –site roasting box that reflects the Mayan’s original method of cooking the popular pork dish commonly referred to as Cochinita Pibil; thereby, providing this exquisite culinary experience for all catering events.

Whatever the occasion –business luncheon, holiday party, fundraiser or family celebration; Pibil Columbus proudly offers a variety of entrees and side dishes, which are freshly delivered to the location of your event using the highest quality ingredients.